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VistaMed is a team composed of Medical and Academic professionals that aims to provide their expert suggestion, consultation and guidance to potential Medical and Dental students looking to study abroad. Vistamed assists them to get into their chosen Medical University and course in Bulgaria and other Eastern European countries. The Universities that VistaMed represents in Europe have various advantages, including reasonable tuition fees, an English medium and most significantly, the awarding degrees are recognised Worldwide, including the EU, EEA, Europe, Middle East and most English-speaking countries. All Universities represented by VistaMed are accredited by the British General Medical Council, General Dental Council and the Indian Medical Council. Vistamed has years of experience in student recruitment services and we strive to achieve a student-centred approach.


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    Study Medicine/Dentistry in Bulgaria - VistaMed


    VistaMed allows potential Medical and Dental students to be aware of the opportunities offered by various Medical Universities in Europe. We’re thoroughly experienced in student recruitment with hundreds of our students already studying Medicine or Dentistry in Bulgaria. Our aim is to attract students who can benefit from the opportunities and advantages provided by their chosen Universities in Eastern Europe.

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    Study Medicine in Georgia - VistaMed


    Thousands of students cannot secure University seats in Medicine due to several different reasons: limited seats, competitive grade requirements, high tuition fees etc As a result of the difficulty in attaining places, many students are now looking beyond their home countries to study these subjects. Additional benefits of studying in Eastern European countries includes the opportunity to have extensive clinical experience from third year onwards, the opportunity to experience new cultures, languages, food and experiences which won’t be possible for students deciding to stay and work in UK. Vistamed throughout the years have provided opportunities for hundreds of students to Study Medicine in Bulgaria, particularly at Medical University of Varna, the highest ranked University in Bulgaria.