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The Universities offered by the Vistamed are all situated in cities and therefore general facilities are certainly not in short supply. Living costs, despite being in a city is much lower comparatively to countries like the UK, including cost of properties, accommodation, tuition fee, food and restaurants and common transportation. The other advantage is that Bulgaria has well-developed free health care facilities (for EU citizens), Bulgaria is also safe and the weather conditions are good, and especially its summer months which brings many tourists into the country every year.
Bulgaria as a nation provides numerous opportunities for enjoyment and leisure for students and tourists, cities like Varna and Burgas attract many tourists during the summer, which mainly comes from other European countries such as Germany and UK, to enjoy the beach and the warm weather.  People visit Bulgaria for also other activities such as bird watching, skiing during the winter seasons, hiking in the mountains etc.

Cost of life:

Cost of living in Bulgaria in comparison to other European Countries such as the UK, Germany ,and Ireland  are very cheap; thus student accommodation can be arranged at a suitable location at a very reasonable cost. In Bulgaria, foreign students prefers private accommodation (usually for two bed rooms) this sort of private accommodation ranges in price from 250 – £350 per month. This means it will only cost a student approximately £225-£300 per month in total to cover all expenses, enough to live very comfortably just like back at their home country. This cost should cover everything from the fastest fibre optic internet services, good standard of food, water, electricity, cable television and many other expenses. The low cost of living in Bulgaria allows the student, even on a strict budget to a live life comfortably.
An alternative and an even cheaper lifestyle would be resorting to the University hostels which would cost no higher than £140 per month, however these University hostels are usually much further than private accommodation and Bulgarian students from other parts of the nation usually occupy it.

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