ADMISSION CRITERIA (programmes in English)

Prospective EU and EEA Students

With years of experience in the field. Vistamed knows how to get you a place at your chosen medical school. We will see through your entire application process with the University and the best thing about it all is that you can apply through us from the comfort of your homes.

Please see the home page option – “Apply online”, after you submit your application, a correspondent will swiftly get back to you. 

Here are some criterias we generally look for applicants to our most popular University – Medical University of Varna.

Citizens of countries which are members of the EU and EEA can apply and study at the Medical University of Varna following the same procedures and under the same conditions applicable for Bulgarian citizens-sitting Biology and Chemistry entrance tests.
It is mandatory that the prospective EU and EEA applicants:

  • Have completed secondary education (A level) which enables them to continue their studies in higher universities and universities in the country in which the secondary education has been completed.
  • Applicants interested in the programmes of Medicine or Dental medicine must have studied, completed and obtained grades in Biology and Chemistry subjects at A levels. Applicants who have negative evaluation in any of the above mentioned two subjects in their secondary school (A levels) will not take part in the selection process.
  • Applicants interested in the programmes taught in English – Medicine and Dental Medicine sit the Biology and Chemistry Entry Tests in English. Those applicants who have failed any of the Entry tests will not participate in the ranking for admission.
    The English language competence of the applicants is proved either by submitting one of the following certificates or passing an English language test conducted the same day as the Biology and Chemistry Entry tests.
    Native speakers and those holding an IB Diploma are not required to prove their English language competence.

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    VistaMed allows international potential medical students to be aware of the opportunities offered by various Bulgarian universities. Our aim is to attract students whom can benefit from the opportunities and advantages provided by Bulgarian universities.