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Angel Mary Mathew From Wakefield

"I am a second year student at Varna University Bulgaria, about Vistamed, They have helped me abundantly. My admissions and all supports were provided by VISTAMED, I am very glad to say that vistamed services are very good and they take very sincere care from the very beginning and till the stage of admission, to the accommodation and also help and advice whenever I needed it since. Due to the fast service provided by Vistamed, I could come to the university in time before the lessons have started which was not the case with every agency. My accommodation was also arranged by them just 1 minute away from the University."

Annet selvin From Luton

Dr Joshy Jose and his team (VistaMed) have been really helpful and had a great, fast and reliable service to obtaining admission in Varna University Bulgaria. Without their help, I would have had no idea where to begin with my application to Varna Medical University to study Dentistry and probably would have not been successful. The director of VistaMed helped all students with accommodation in Bulgaria. He stayed in Bulgaria for 3 weeks for making arrangement in admissions and finding very suitable accommodation. VistaMed were extremely helpful in securing amazing university accommodation very close to the university (5 minutes walking distance) for me. I would recommend VistaMed wholeheartedly to anyone who is interested in studying medicine in Bulgaria

Amal Mathew Chacko From Worcestershire

The VistaMed and its Director Dr. Joshy Jose were extremely helpful and his agency is so informative and helpful throughout the entire application process. My application was processed quickly and I received an offer within weeks of applying. The service did not end there; VistaMed helped me from find a nice apartment, at a short distance from the University at a very reasonable price. Varna is a beautiful and safe city with good weather.

Anisha Ann Joseph From Evesham

About Varna University and Varna, I like the University, it has hi-tech facilities, and the teachers are good. I really like the city, I’m certain every student here feels the same. Varna isn’t the biggest city in Bulgaria, so places are quite close to each other, lowering the transportation costs, also it’s not crowded, which also helps to make the City safer than other bigger cities in Bulgaria, as we know most of it already. It was my friends that introduced me to VistaMed. They were helping every step of the way; with advice, as well as answers to any concerns, not just for me but also my family. Having done so, they were with me during the admission process, helping me not only get settled, but also allowed me to contact senior year students which went through the same process. Having started, VistaMed were still with me in every step of the way throughout my settlement and I can also confidently say compared to the agencies some other students came through, Vistamed does a lot more. Here in Varna, Malayali community now is the second largest community in this university campus after the German community. We feel more safe as we are surrounded by a family atmosphere thanks to VistaMed.

Anoop Sunny From Manchester

To be honest, I came to Varna not knowing what to expect.  It was my first time staying away from my family. Therefore, I thought it was extra helpful that through Vistamed’s entrance exam in London, I had the chance to meet and make friends with fellow Medical students before going to Varna; As a result, I was definitely less worried about moving abroad and was even looking forward to it!. The entrance exam itself was much smoother than I expected, as luckily for us, Vistamed prepared us very well by sending us materials to study and also gave us clear advices on how to go on about it. I’m very happy to have made the choice to go abroad and would like to thank Vistamed for making it happen.

Ashmy Thomas From Aberdeen, Scotland

When I first heard about the opportunity to study Medicine abroad, I wasn’t sure what to think, I thought it’d be difficult to settle into a new life, in a new country with a new language etc. However, with the help of Vistamed, I’ve settled in much faster than I expected.  One aspect I like about Varna is the Students life. There are a lot of malayalis, and there are various things to do in Varna, especially in the summer as Varna has a beautiful beach, and is a tourist city. This could be why many people speak English here, which is certainly helpful when trying to settle in. I think Varna is very safe to live in, the people are also very friendly and quite welcoming. The University itself is pretty good, the standards are pretty high, teachers speak good English and also try to help you. I would certainly recommend Varna University and Vistamed to all that are interested in studying Medicine abroad.

Britto Baby Pereppadan From Dublin, Ireland

I’m a first year student from Dublin, Ireland.  I applied to study Medicine because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, however knowing it’s extremely difficult to get a place in Ireland, I looked for alternatives. While searching, I heard about Vistamed, a consultation agency focused on recruiting especially Malayali students to Bulgaria’s highest ranked Medical University – Medical University of Varna. Although I was initially hesitant  Since contacting them, they guided me step by step for the entire application process, and made transition into life in Bulgaria very smooth. I am grateful to Dr Joshy and team for all their support, especially for the finding of apartments

Dennies James From Portsmouth

I'm a second year medical student here in Varna, and I'm truly enjoying it. Varna is a nice city, it is safe, clean and the people are friendly. The facilities of the university are good and the teaching standards are great. The teacher to student ratio in a seminar classroom being 12:1 is especially useful when it comes to learning, as it increases the amount of 1 to 1 with the teacher. Furthermore As a gym enthusiast, I'm happy with the availability of gyms near my home and also close to the university. All in all, studying at Varna medical University is a great experience, and I’m very grateful to Vistamed for providing me with this chance.

Janet Jincy Moni From Cirencester

I think the greatest strength of the University is its staff, as they help as much as they can and try to make learning both interactive and also fun. The method of teaching at lectures, which includes interactive quizzes with the students makes the subjects both interesting and academically stimulating. The seminars, being in small groups especially helps as there’s higher possibility to ask questions if you don’t understand. Also, The University is filled with people from all over the World, helping to create a diverse and vibrant students life, which is always a major plus. The reason I chose Varna Medical University is due to its reputation in the European medical labour market, the value for degree you obtain, and the low cost accommodation and general life. I’d like to thank Vistamed for their wonderful support, care and timely help for obtaining the admission and the accommodation which for me is very close to the Uni.

Jebin James From Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire

Varna is a city I really like it’s not massive, but big enough to have all the facilities you would need. Varna I feel is the place to be in the summer, it has a beach, drawing in many tourists every year. I think the student life here is also very good, there are almost 100 Malayalis here, and I feel there’s a strong sense of family atmosphere among us, and everyone is happy to help each other out.  The University is also very good, it has high tech facilities, the teachers speak good English and are willing to help if help is needed. I recommend Vistamed. I think their service were excellent, and have made my transition to a life in Varna much easier.

John Pynadath From Stoke-On-Trent

My name is John Shibu pynadath from stock on Trent. Before getting admission in Varna, I was trying to get admission in to Indian medical colleges. But now I feel my decision in not going to Indian universities was a good one .As per WHO lists the Bulgarian university ranking is significantly higher than the Indian ones and the overall facilities are also much better than Indian Medical colleges. As someone who enjoys playing sports, I am especially happy with the fact that the University does sports with a wide range of choices, including for my favourite sport basketball.There are also various places in Varna, near my home where you can go and play sports, including indoor football courts and tennis grounds, and with many Malayali friends, cricket is also suddenly popular in Varna.I am very happy here especially with the university and the City, Varna’s beach is also very beautiful and is an absolute heaven when the weather is warm. I want to say my sincere gratitude so to Dr Joshy Jose, the director of the Vistamed whose constant support and help in each stages were really remarkable.

Jose Siby From London

"As a second year student in the Medical University of Varna, I am very pleased to recommend Vistamed for a medical admission procedure. The care and support provided by Dr Joshy Jose are beyond words and extends even after the enrolment process. I am very happy with the quality of education provided by the university and the accommodation facilities arranged by Vistamed as well. The city is very pleasant and thank you Vistamed for making me a part of it. "

Mariya shoy From Manchester

I’m from Manchester and I’m a first year Medical Student at MUV. I chose Varna because of it being the highest ranked University for Medicine in Bulgaria, and also I because I have friends from second year who have told me very positive opinions on Varna. I certainly don’t regret my decision. I applied through Vistamed, an agency that have helped me enormously and I would certainly recommend. Their hosting of the entrance exam in London was a great opportunity to meet fellow applicants, which also served as an ideal time to find a roommate. They were very supportive and guided me through the hassle of all the paperwork and found me a nice apartment close to the Medical University. 

Rahul Don Bosco From Alappuzha,Kerala, S.India

I’m a first year student from India, I heard about Vistamed through an advertisement on the newspaper, I came in contact with Dr Joshy, who has helped me greatly, He has provided great support in all areas, from paperwork to Visa application and also accommodation. I would wholeheartedly recommend Vistamed to any student from India thinking of applying to study Medicine in Europe.

Rosmi George From Drogheda , Ireland

As a student of Medical university of Varna, which is ranking top in Bulgaria, I highly recommend VistaMed services and its professional and friendly approach. As a first year student, my parents and I didn’t find any hardships to get in the university and the accommodation services were very helpful, I came with my sister and we got the accommodation (two bed room apartment) with only around 3-minute walk to the University for us. Thank you for all your help.

Sharin Abraham From Sheffield

"I am a second year student of the Medical University of Varna , I am very happy to be doing what I have always wanted to do, to become a doctor, once I saw the opportunity to become one, I didn’t hesitate. Varna University is a fantastic place to achieve this goal. The university facilities, quality of teaching and teacher support has exceeded my expectations. Varna is also a fun place to be, a small but a very nice city, and we are all happy in the campus. The accommodation facilities are very good and always at a reasonable distance from the University, and the standard of the flats are high. I would like to say thanks to Vistamed for providing this great opportunity and their constant support, and encouragement."

Sterin James From Manchester, UK

I had been looking at studying medicine in Bulgaria for some time. A friend recommended VistaMed to me; I contacted them and was pleasantly surprised by how friendly and helpful their response was. Applying to study in a different country felt like a daunting prospect at first, but I was given guidelines of support at every stage. Without calling them, they called me every time to make sure I was supported in every stage. From preparing my application to arriving in the country and finding suitable accommodation, VistaMed helped with every stage. I have had a fantastic time since arriving in VARNA, made a lot of Malayali friends and experienced a whole different culture. I am very grateful to VistaMed for making this possible, and I would definitely recommend them for their level of personal advice and support, and comparatively low professional fees completely sets them apart from the rest of agencies.

Jyothis Varampel From Kent

I am immensely happy with the all services provided by Vistamed. They have supported me from the beginning to the completion of the application stages, as well as after. About Varna, I feel that the city is vibrant and alive but at the same time safe, the locals are very friendly and helpful, the weather is generally good, and the summer season is especially great. At the University, most of my friends are Malayalies which really helps me feel at home. I am very happy with my choice and I would certainly recommend Varna Medical University and Vistamed to any student wishing to study medicine abroad.

Yathorshan Shanthakumaran From Southend

"Vistamed has made the transition into the Medical University of Varna stress-free and straight forward. I was daunted at the aspect of going to another country, however it’s very easy to adapt to Bulgaria. Varna is a city which certainly doesn’t lack in entertainment and leisure acitivites including cinemas, Bowling, Go-Karting, Painting and Indoor/Outdoor Football Venues just like any UK student life. Furthermore, the weather is perfect alongside the fantastic surrounding scenery and beach. Vistamed services have helped me every step of the way till date - their communications with future candidates is fast and informative which adds to why I chose Vistamed

Amith Roy From Harrogate

Varna is a great city and the University is also good, one thing that many of my friends find good about Varna is the availability of many restaurants of different countries, Italian, Mexican, Turkish to name a few, furthermore food is also much cheaper compared to England. This means eating at the fanciest restaurants you can find will end up costing less than eating at a an average one in the UK, and to add to this, there are also many delivery options for food and some people will be happy to know that KFC and subway both even do home deliveries in Varna, which can never be a bad thing! I’m very pleased that I found Vistamed, and would certainly recommend it, they have helped me a lot!

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