Parents’ testimonies

Dr. Sarmad Khashan
General Practitioner - Dublin, Ireland

As a practising doctor in Dublin, Ireland. It was imperative for me to send my son to a good university abroad. I was looking for a University with a well-reputed Dental Medicine department with a good ratio of teachers to students, as well as the availability of very modern dental facilities. Varna Medical University ticked these boxes. My son had his place secured by Vistamed who helped us greatly along the way with the entire application procedures and entrance exam. They also helped him with accommodation services and found a place for him really close to the dental building (5-minute walking distance) and played a huge role in helping him settle into his new surroundings and City. I’m happy that we’ve chosen Varna Medical University and Vistamed as the agency to come through. I’m happy to recommend their services.

Dr.Suganthi, Dr. Theophilus, NHS Consultants
Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

We wholeheartedly recommend VistaMed to those parents who wish to send their children to study Medicine or Dentistry in Bulgaria. The initial apprehension we felt when seeking their help to secure a dental place for our son, was completely relieved no sooner than when we arrived in Varna to complete the process. VistaMed have been genuine to all they claim to provide to their potential students, by supporting them from first applying for admission, to being welcomed by friendly & reassuring representatives at the airport right up-to attending their first lessons. In addition to providing regular updates, they have always been available to answer our questions in a timely, reliable and patient manner. Dr Joshy's assuring advice and Dr Naveen's sincerity is a standout feature of VistaMed's personal service that has, thus far, delivered all that was promised.

Dr. Frederick Philip MBBS,MSC
Psychiatrist at Farnham Road Hospital, Guildford, Surrey.UK

As a doctor at NHS, I know how challenging the field of Medicine is, and as a result it was essential for me to send my daughter to a recognised Medical University with good standards- one that provides astute and excellent training. Upon extended reading and research, I found out about such opportunities in Bulgaria. Their Universities are all approved by the GMC, meaning the course will be accepted by hospitals in the UK without additional tests such as PLAB. I found out about Varna University through VistaMed, an agency with years of experience in consulting and recruiting students to Bulgaria. I’m very grateful for their wonderful support, they’ve made the entire process hassle free, and have especially been excellent with information providing, therefore I am more than happy to recommend them to you. As for my daughter (Sheena) she’s happy how things have been, the teaching, the campus, the city and have settled in well.

Dr ShylaKumar H K, MBBS , DPH
Shushrusha Hospital Bangalore

Sending my daughter to study Medicine abroad was always going to be a difficult choice, my daughter (Sivatimika)was anxious about her potential life in Bulgaria, however after extensive research about the University and visiting the city of Varna myself, my fears were eased. Albeit being smaller than Bangalore, Varna city has its own charm, a beautiful, safe seaside city with a campus that I believe will provide a great atmosphere for studying and relaxation. The University is approved by the Medical Council of India and is ranked much higher than many Medical Colleges in India, and after visiting the University and its hospital, I was convinced this is the ideal opportunity for my daughter. The hospital and its wards, consisting of 1000 beds, are very well maintained, modern and tidy, comprising of the most modern equipment needed to diagnose and provide treatment., I’d like to thank Dr Joshy Jose and his team for this opportunity for my daughter, he did his utmost best with advice and paperwork and made the entire process easier.

Dr.Reshikesh Edakadan .MBBS
Speciality Doctor in Respiratory Medicine Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Chorley and South Ribble DGH Chorley

Firstly, I’d like to convey my gratitude to VistaMed for their exceptional support in getting a place to study Medicine for my daughter. My daughter (Nimisha) is thrilled with her new life in Bulgaria, she’s very happy with the campus life and have made many friends and is pleased that there’s so many other Malayalis with her. Her apartment, chosen with the help of VistaMed is located right next to the University, which ultimately helping her settle in well for first year. I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw when I visited Varna, a relatively small city but with all the facilities you’ll need, with warm and welcoming locals. The airport is only 15 minutes away from the University and there are direct flights daily from London, so travelling is also not a major obstacle. I’ve also had an opportunity to visit the University to check for facilities and was pleased that their library contained internationally recognised English Medical books, Robin’s Basic Pathology, Grey’s Anatomy, and Sabotta to mention a few. I believe this, along with other excellent facilities, makes the University an ideal place for study for my daughter for the MD programme.

Dr. G M Varghese,  MBBS,DCH, MRCGP

As a parent of a student at Medical University of Varna, we will  be very  happy to recommend Vistamed. We felt Dr Joshy was very approachable from the word go and took his time to explain to us about the course at the University, life in Varna and the process involved. I found it interesting that he asked to speak to our son to assess his opinion and was available for him throughout the admission process. Dr Joshy did go through our concerns with us as and when it arose.We had Dr Joshy and his son Naveen at hand once we were there in Varna to find suitable accommodation and help us with the enrolment process. Currently our son is into his 2nd semester and feels that the life, work balance at the University is well balanced and supportive. I guess having a beach within 10 -15 mins walk of your university and living space will never hurt?

Dr. Allen Varghese
Parish Fields Practice. Diss, Norfolk.

When we were looking at places for our daughter to study Medicine in Europe, we applied through VistaMed. It was really important she attended a reputable University and VistaMed helped us make this very important decision. The application process was seamless in that we could speak to Dr Joshy and also students currently doing the medical course in Varna. The e-application was user friendly. We were guided through the whole process from apostiling, guidance with Power of Attorney, letters from GP and school. We are very grateful for the help received on arrival at Varna to help find suitable accommodation near the University and giving my daughter tips about living in Bulgaria. VistaMed also helped her find a roommate. VistaMed helped my daughter with the application for a Bulgarian Identification card. Having done my research on the teaching in Bulgaria, the standard of medical education in Varna is on par with Universities in the UK and other European countries. Overall, the process of the application to Varna University was organised in a very professional manner and I would wholeheartedly recommend VistaMed to anyone who is looking to get their daughter or son into Varna.

Dr Bhavani Vivekanantharajah (General Practitioner–GP)
Cranbrook Surgery

As an NHS doctor I'm well aware of the challenges faced while working at the NHS, I'm also accustomed to work with colleagues from all over the world including many from EU nations such as Bulgaria. Being aware about the competitive nature of getting into medicine in the UK, I was assured to know my son (Vinoban)s desire to go into medicine can still be fulfilled at a high level abroad. I had done my research regarding the agencies and found vistamed, they made the process very easy and the examination was conducted in London very close to us. All in all my son is happy in Varna and we will recommend vistamed and the medical university to any prospective student working abroad.

Dr.Sabitha.R.Nair ,BDS,MDS
Orthodontist Balsm Alofoq Dental Clinic, KSA

My son (Goutham)aspired to be a doctor from an early age, so when given an opportunity, it was important for him to grab it. Which University? I've asked myself this initially, however after realising that the Universities in Bulgaria are ranked much high internationally, combined with the alluring prospect of studying medicine in Europe, the decision was made. It was also a decision made by the recommendation of my friend whose son is also studying there, they heap praise onto Varna especially about the city and its safety. My son is happy with his new life in Bulgaria. I'd like to point out especially, due to a delay in Visa approvals to Bulgaria this year, my son missed a few weeks of lessons, however VistaMed arranged tuition lessons free of charge enabling him to catch up on what he had missed. For this and all the other help I'm grateful to VistaMed and would happily recommend them to any prospective student looking to study in Europe.

Mrs. Bindu Baiju
Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust: Senior Sister of Theatres Band 7

Choosing the right agency was a very important decision in my daughter’s (Bhavana) life and played a crucial role in enabling a smooth transition into a foreign education system, and I am very glad we decided to go with VistaMed. Even at the initial phases of the application, VistaMed provided not only one-on-one care of being accessible to clarify doubts around the clock but also provided a user-friendly and state-of-the-art e-application. The technological advancements improved the ease of access and understanding of the key stages of the application, in terms of enrolment forms to complete on prior to the beginning of semesters’. This support continued past successful enrolment at the Medical University of Varna, to completion of acquiring the Bulgarian ID and acquisition of a nearby accommodation with minimum commute to the main university site and multiple convenience stores. The entire team of VistaMed has given their all-round support and thus giving me confidence in entrusting them with the care of my daughter.

Mr. Saji Lukose MSc,MEd

After my daughter (Aparna) completed her A Levels, we began to look for Universities for a Medical course away from England. While considering such options I was recommended VistaMed by my relative whose daughter was using their services and was very happy. Their online application made the whole process very easy and within moments, we were registered with the University through them. They were also very prompt with their replies meaning there were no confusion for us at any stage of the process. My daughter is happily getting on doing her 2nd year of medicine and we’re both very pleased with VistaMed’s services.

Mr.Vargese Abraham, MBA

Finding VistaMed was very lucky for me and my daughter( Harita ), Dr Joshy was not the typical agent I’ve came across with other agencies, I could see from the beginning how sincere he was about my daughter’s future and how knowledgeable he was in the field of education as a whole. He didn’t just advertise his agency or why I should send my daughter to Varna with VistaMed in the conversations with him, he also gave his honest and best advices on each career pathways, the good and bad, which immediately made him stand out from other agents out there. Even now, Dr Joshy is still in contact with me to check up how Haritha is doing and for general talk, an owner of a good agency and a friend, there was no way I could say no to a request for a testimony and I will strongly recommend VistaMed to anyone.

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