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VistaMed is a team that aims to provide their expert suggestion, consultation and guidance to potential Medical students and Dental students, and further assisting them to get into their chosen University and course abroad. The team consists of expert professionals rich in academic experience, combined with a great drive for the field. The Universities that VistaMed represents in Bulgaria have various advantages, including reasonable tuition fees, an English medium and most significantly, the awarding degrees are recognised in the EU, EEA and beyond which also means assessments like the “PLAB” are not required to work in the UK. Furthermore, all Universities represented by VistaMed are affiliated and accredited by the Medical Council of India (MCI)


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VistaMed allows international potential medical students to be aware of the opportunities offered by various Bulgarian universities. Our aim is to attract students whom can benefit from the opportunities and advantages provided by Bulgarian universities.

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Why study medicine in Bulgaria?

Medical Universities in Bulgaria in English medium are among the very few medical universities in Europe which attracts more international students, due to the high quality of education. Today Bulgarian doctors are well appreciated all over the world and Bulgarian medical schools attract thousands of international medical school students every year. Most students are attracted by medicine in Bulgaria because of the quality of studies, the possibility of choosing the language of study (Bulgarian, English), reasonable tuition fees and living cost, having a recognized degree all over Europe and beyond, possibility of medical school transfer, well trained and experienced staff, student mobility, most advanced medical laboratories, safe and friendly environment.

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