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    Georgia is one of the most popular countries in the World to study Medicine, it’s a country that’s saturated with prestigious and well renowned Universities with traditions spanning back years.
    Besides having a highly rated Medical Education system, it is also statistically the fourth safest country in the World and the safest country in Europe. It has a unique, multicultural society with students from all over the World studying there, including thousands from India.
    Universities in Georgia offers students Medical programmes recognised by the World federation of Medical education (WFME), this enables students to continue their studies and get employed anywhere in the world. We represent some of the top Universities in the nation, academic institutions that all have reasonable tuition fees, English as medium of study and significantly, with awarding degrees recognised by the Medical Council of India and beyond.
    On top of this, The Universities in Georgia are highly ranked and consistently outrank even the best Indian Medical colleges in various parameters. These include ratings for facilities, quality of teaching, student satisfaction and overall ranking scores. On top of this, there are zero donation fees in order to attain admission
    It's no surprise that Georgia is the preferred country to study for over 10,000 Indian Medical students.

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