Student Life

Georgia offers numerous bonuses for potential students from India – like many European countries it is well developed, safe, modern, and easy to travel to. The weather is also ideal most times of the year. Student satisfaction rates are very high in the Universities we represent. 

Living costs:

  • Our Indian students usually opt for private accommodation (for two or three-bed rooms) as it is still very cheap by comparison to Western European rates, roughly £200 (20,000-rupees) per month, comparatively very cheap to Western European countries like France, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, and this despite Georgia being able to offer everything these countries can. 
  • Based on our experience, a student need not spend at most more than £250, (25,000 -rupees)- per month in total to cover expenses that would render living as conveniently as he or she would if in their home country, with this amount of money covering expenditures for all amenities such as rent, food, water, Internet services, entertainment, among other miscellaneous expenses. 
  • Depending on the arrangements a student makes his or her lifestyle, can live comfortably even on a tight budget without being deprived of any of the necessary amenities, comforts, and conveniences one expects to find while studying abroad.