Application / Admission

The required documents for application are:

  • Passport copy
  • School leaving certificate
  • High school certificates
  • Filled application form and letter
  • NEET exam’s result (For applicants from India only)

In case, if an applicant doesn’t have a proof of proficiency in English, (language certificate or school-leaving document from English taught school) applicant has to demonstrate fluency to the University admission committee (can be done through the Zoom interview).

After receiving the necessary documents and successfully passing the online interview the applicants are given pre-acceptance letter from Admission Office of the University

For transferring students:

  • Passport copy
  • Transcript (including gained credits and covered hours) from home university
  • Registration in a foreign country, or any other document which confirms the fact of domicile of an individual territory
  • Written consent of the Rector of chosen University the possibility of enrolment in vacant positions within the scope of general number of students.
  • NEET exam’s result (For applicants from India only)

The admission process takes around 21-30 working days and includes translation, legalization and recognition of the applicant’s documents from the authorities of Georgia.

Medical Insurance:

Prior commencement of Semester, it is mandatory for all students to hold valid Local Medical Insurance. Prices for local insurance packages vary from 7 up to 25 USD per month.