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We are VistaMed, a London based dedicated academic professionals with many years of experience. A well trusted, popular, and appreciated consultancy by students and parents alike, we look to provide consultation and support to prospective and potential Medical, and Dentistry students. Vistamed guides and recruits students from India and other countries into their chosen courses in Bulgaria. The Universities that VistaMed represents have reasonable tuition fees, English as a medium of study, and significantly, the awarding degrees are recognized by the Medical Council of India and beyond. VistaMed allows potential Medical and Dental students from India to be aware of the opportunities offered by various Medical Universities in Europe. We’re thoroughly experienced in student recruitment with hundreds of our students already studying Medicine or Dentistry especially in Bulgaria. The Universities offered by Vistamed have advantages such as no donation fees, reasonable tuition fees, and exemplary standards. Our aim is to attract students who can benefit from the opportunities and advantages provided by their chosen Universities in Eastern Europe.

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Student testimonials

Ashley Binu
Ashley Binu Abu Dhabi , UAE ashleybinu@hotmail.com

VistaMed has been very helpful and exceptional throughout. I’m happy that Ich...

Namita Sivan
Namita Sivan Bristol, UK max94130@gmail.com

I’m a first year Medical student at Plovdiv Medical University. I’ve alwayswa...

Melbin Mathew
Melbin Mathew Kerala, India melbinsibikm@gmail.com

I’m a first year Medical student from India. I always wanted to study MBBS an...

Alwin Punnamoottil
Alwin Punnamoottil Kerala, India alwinrajan2003@gmail.com

Going to study medicine in Europe was a big decision to make - I looked foran...

Georbis George
Georbis George Kerala, India vellamkunnel2003@yahoo.com

I am a first year student at Varna Medical University. The city is beautiful ...

Jerlin Sirly
Jerlin Sirly Kerala, India jerlinsirly28@gmail.com

Being a first year student in a new country studying Medicine would've beendi...

Fiza Anas
Fiza Anas Kerala, India fizzfanas@gmail.com

My experience with VistaMed has been great, they’ve been understanding andemp...

Aleena Shaju
Aleena Shaju Kerala, India aleenamariya1@gmail.com

I’m a first year Medical student from Kerala. Varna Medical University has be...

Jeffry Mathews
Jeffry Mathews Kerala, India jeffryallanm@gmail.com

VistaMed took responsibility for my application and made it as stress free as...

Shana Poly
Shana Poly Kerala, India jancysamuel21@gmail.com

Vistamed is an agency that is very committed to support and providing advicef...

Jeffrin Gigi
Jeffrin Gigi Kerala, India ceringigi@gmail.com

If anyone wishes to travel outside of India to study Medicine, I will definet...

Vivek VA
Vivek VA Kerala, India vivekva1179@gmail.com

I’m a first Medical student at Medical University of Varna, hailing from Kera...

Rhyne Shaiju
Rhyne Shaiju Kerala, India rhyneshaiju16@gmail.com

As a first year student in Varna, one of the things I like about Varna a lot,...

Alan Koshy
Alan Koshy Abu Dhabi , UAE alanakv31@gmail.com

From my experience with VistaMed, I've seen them as very helpful, excellent a...

Sangeeth Abraham
Sangeeth Abraham Kerala, India sangeeth2002pathil@gmail.com

I’m a first year student from Kerala. Going to Bulgaria to study Medicine was...

Alwin Paul
Alwin Paul From Irinjalakuda , Kerala ,India - Second-year Medical student at Plovdiv Medical University iamalwinpaul@gmail.com

My name is Alwin Paul, I am from Thrissur, Kerala and I wanted to do dentistr...

Ashna Asharaf
Ashna Asharaf From South Africa ashnaasharaph1@gmail.com

I am from South Africa and as a second-year student at the Medical University...

Fay Anita D’ SA
Fay Anita D’ SA From Kuwait, Second-year Medical student isido_2002@yahoo.com

Coming from Kuwait to Bulgaria was a big step, Everything was timely, the vis...

Feba  Maria Shaji
Feba  Maria Shaji From Kottayam, Kerala. shajigeorgektym@gmail.com

My experience with Vistamed has been great, I’ve applied with them to get int...

Krupa Prasad 
Krupa Prasad  From Kanjirapally, Kottayam, Kerala - Second-year Medical student krupaprasad5@gmail.com

Attaining admissions to Study MBBS in India is an incredibly tough task, as a...

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