Our Services

  • Vistamed provides accurate and reliable information regarding the Universities they represent in Bulgaria, this includes guidance from the application process to the completion of admission. Vistamed is also on the ground helping the students even after the admission for other procedures helping its students settle into life abroad at ease.
  • We will make your application process a hassle-free process with our own dedicated Online Application System!
  • Tuition support for low performing first year students  (Unique to Vistamed)
  • Entrance exams conducted in UK and Ireland every year (July to September) 
  • ONLY VISTAMED can help you acheive 100% in the Entrance exam by a carefully and specifically designed study programme and materials developed by our dedicated professional team. 
  • Vistamed handles your entire application procedure from the very beginning to the confirmation of admission. This includes conducting the entrance exam (depending on the University) in London
  • We assist and guide students outside the European Union with visa application and travel arrangements for the students in who live in outside of European Union.
  • Student support and guidance from our local liaison officer during your entire studies in University.
  • Welcoming the prospective students on their arrival at the airports and guiding them to the appropriate place.(hotel, student hostel or private apartment arrangement);
  • We help the students to find accommodation, assistance in obtaining Student Finance (loan) from the Bank (if necessary and available) and help with University registration.
  • We will make your Bulgarian ID attaining easy with our own dedicated and translated application forms.
  • Emergency support any time, especially during the first months on your arrival


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Our Aim

VistaMed allows international potential medical students to be aware of the opportunities offered by various Bulgarian universities. Our aim is to attract students whom can benefit from the opportunities and advantages provided by Bulgarian universities.