Gr. T. Popa University of Medicine in Iasi, Romania

A public university-level medical school located in Iasi, in North-Eastern Romania. 

The University has a long-standing tradition in the medical field. The Romanian health care system has been in existence since 1700.  Named in honour of the scientist Grigore T. Popa, it is classified by the Ministry of Education as an advanced research and education university.

The Medicine and Dentistry courses both last six years.

DURATION OF STUDY and TUITION FEES: Gr. T. Popa University of Medicine in Iasi, Romania

  • Duration of studies – 6 years
  • Tuition is 5,000 Euros per year.

The entrance exam at Gr. T. Popa University of Medicine is a multiple choice test, assessing your knowledge of English.

VISTAMED is responsible for accommodating the students in their first steps. We’ll work with local agents in the area with the help of the University itself.

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